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Dubstep sampler & synth

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Endless flapper game

Drum & Bass Machine

D'n'B synth and sampler

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April 10th 2014 - Sample Library Launched

We're so proud to announce the launch of our new sample library. We created hundreds of samples in the process of launching all our apps and we had to unleash them to all you awesome music producers. Our first pack is called Deep House Culture and is loaded with over 250MB of Deep House sounds, including bass lines, synths, drum loops, drum percussion, vocal chops, chords, and fx, all in .WAV format.

Inside the pack are 131 loops and one shots. So whether you’re looking to create a deep bass track, flesh out your drum library, or get experimental with the sound fx, this pack has it all.


81 individual loops

50 unique one shots 

122 BPM / .Wav Format

Deep House Culture Sample Pack - Buy Button


7/2/14 - Bass Drop Reaches 1000 Facebook Followers - Price Crash - iOS and Android

Bass Drop App

Bass Drop, the dubstep sampler app that reached #1 in the music category now has 1K facebook followers:  fan page.

To celebrate and say thank you to our brilliant customers and supporters, we've set the iOS app free for a week with free downloadable purchases. The Android LITE version is now available and the FULL version is 80% off.

iOS iPad Download

iOS iPhone Download

Android LITE Download

Android Full Download

Amazon Full Download

December - Beat Boss Launched!

Beat Boss includes four packs to get you started, these are dubstep, drum and bass, deep house and progressive house. They're well layered so that you can quickly jam out ideas. We'll be launching a few new genre packs soon. So once you've downloaded the new Beat Boss app make sure you stay peeled for updates!

*In app purchase upgrade to unlock more sound pads and remove adverts.
*54 professionally produced sounds for each genre. Including drum loops, risers, fx, bass lines, synth lines and percussion*Use the loop feature and stop having to push so many buttons at once.
*Use the loop feature and stop having to push so many buttons at once.
*Conveniently organise sounds by altering the pad colours, making your Beat Boss distinct.

February 4th 2014 - Edkeyz Synth Launched + Bass Drop D 'n' B Sale


This month we've launched a brand new keyboard synthesizer for android and iOS. Its free to download and in app purchase to fully unlock all sounds is only 99c. We've included 16 various sounds from DnB, Dubstep warbles, to brass and classic dance pads and leads. Stay peeled for new sounds patches and download it now and upgrade while the app is on promotion.

Bass Drop Drum and Bass is also on sale until February 10th on Android Devices. Download Bass Drop D 'n' B

We've also created some more sound packs for Dubslate and Beat Boss which will should be available shortly throughout February. 

We have plans for at least 3 more apps over the next few months and will be adding improvements to our more popular music apps, such as Bass Drop. There are also plans to create some more computer games and possibly some online HTML based apps, so stay peeled as we work harder to bring you more cool apps and sound devices.

Android EDKEYZ

Jun 27th - Bass Drop Trap out now on iOS and Android

The Trap music hype has been building for a while now. So we've created an app with the help of Liverpool Producer Kev Willow, who recently won the benga remix competition. The app features a great range of top quality samples including drum loops, sirens, lazers, harlem shake style tiger growls and arpeggiators.

It's the perfect app for Trap fans and producers. It's extremely fun to play with and lets you create your own patterns from a vast array of sounds. Bass Drop Trap is currently free on the app store and 75% off on Google Play to celebrate a brand new launch. Promotion ends first week of July 2013, so download it now!

Super Flappy Squirrel

In this endless touch to flap game you have to guide the crash hardened Super Flappy Squirrel through a maze of palm trees, vines and jungle obstacles.

Can you flap the longest and beat the increasingly intensifying maze of obstacles as your flight speed increases.

Be careful of the turbulence as it knocks you off your course.

This is the ultimate test of tapping, concentration and speed!

Play the HTML 5 version online here

Feb 23rd 2014 - Beat Boss gets new EDM sound packs

As promised we spent the last few weeks working on expanding our electronic music app sounds banks. Beat Boss has now been expanded to include a trance, techno and grimey dubstep pack. Each sound pack contains 54 high quality professional samples. Beat Boss is awaiting approval for the ios app store but the indivdiual genre apps have been uploaded to Google Play site and the full Beat Boss app for android is also available on google play. Download Beat Boss from the links below:

Beat Boss FULL - 7 EDM Genres

Beat Boss - Techno

Beat Boss - Trance

Beat Boss - Technical Grime (Dubstep II)

March 2012 - Back Catalogue released on Google Play

We've launch our popular range of electronic music apps on the Google Play store.

Wobble Bass Station Dubstep

Dubstep wobble bass and drum loop generator. Play wobble bass sounds with varying pitch and distortion and watch the sinusoidal waveform display as the wobble sound changes pitch and frequency.

Drum and Bass Machine

Generate bass sounds, drum loops and fx. Operate three touch slide synthesizers simultaneously Selecet from a range of different Drum and Bass drum loops and play bass lines and samples over the top.

Dubstep Jam

The Dubstep sequencer. Program dubstep arrangements on up to ten different channels. Sounds include percussion, sound fx, and wobble basses. Edit the sound pad volume, type, duration and pitch.

Feb 14th 2013 - Bass Drop Drum and Bass out now!

It's been a productive week over at Fresh Touch Media. We've brought Bass Drop Drum and Bass to three different app stores and it is available for thousands of iOS and Android devices. It's the perfect app for Drum and Bass fans and producers. Play a host of sounds from massive DnB synths with filthy bass lines to drum and percussion loops, sound fx, and dirty noises. It's extremely fun to play with and lets you create your own patterns from a vast array of sounds. Keep your eye out for sound expansion packs and new synthesizers coming as updates in the near future.

FREE on the app store and 75% off on Google Play to celebrate a brand new launch. Promotion ends February 28th 2013, so download it now!

September - Dubslate released for iOS and Android

Check out dubslate, a straightforward new style of sound creation app with loop functions and coloured button display customisation. It's called Dubslate and includes 54 Dubstep samples, thats more than on offer anywhere!

Choose from Drum loops, risers, sound fx, bass lines and more!

Adjust the loop function and colour of the sound pads to make it more memorable and easier to play with.


May 2013 - Bass Drop Trap, TBA June 2013

Damn Son! We've created hundreds more music samples for y'all to jam with! Bass Drop trap will be launching on the app store and google play store at the end of June 2013. In the mean time feast your eyes on the Harlem Shake Cover that we did.

Bass Drop Trap Teaser / Harlem Shake Cover.

Feb 10th 2013 - Bass Drop Dubstep arrives on Android

Bass Drop Dubstep has arrived on Android and is now available on the Google Play Store. This version features all samples and upgrades and is 75%off for initial release period.

Feb 2013 - Bass Drop Drum and Bass, Coming Feb 14th

We've spent some time re-working Bass Drop into a DnB sampler and keyboard app. It will be launching on the app store for iPad and iPhone on Thursday 14th of February and will be free for the first two weeks of launch.

Check out the app in action here:

Dec 2012 - Bass Drop Dubstep HD Launched Dec 14th

After months of hard work, improving Bass Drop, we're pleased to announce the release of the official iPad app, Bass Drop Dubstep HD and an updated version of 'Bass Drop' that is now fully compatible with iphone 4, 4GS and iphone 5.

The new and improved iPad version features a larger interface, new jam screen, three saving banks, hundreds of new sounds, twelve extra sample pads, in-app purchasing, low ram mode and many more improvements.

Download Bass Drop Dubstep HD for iPad

Download Bass Drop version 1.1 for iphone

Nov 2012 - Three electronic music apps launched on iPad

We're pleased to announce the launch of our popular dubstep and drum and bass ios apps which have been re-designed specifically for iPad. The portfolio conversion to iPad provides users with a much larger interface, making it more straightforward to use the touch buttons and controls.

Wobble Bass Station HD

Play wobble bass sounds with varying pitch and distortion. and watch the sinusoidal waveform display as the wobble sound changes pitch and frequency. Bass sounds from the synthesizer can be saved and replayed in the jam screen, allowing the user to create dubstep arrangements using the drum loops, sound fx and wobble bass sounds simultaneously.

Download Wobble Bass Station

Watch the video

Drum and Bass Machine HD

The all inclusive app for creating Drum and Bass. Generate an array of bass sounds, drum loops and effects, suited to various styles of Drum and Bass. Operate three touch slide synthesizers simultaneously Selecet from a range of different drum loops and play bass lines and samples over the top to create unique Drum and Bass arrangements within seconds.

Download Drum and Bass Machine

Watch the video

Dubstep Jam HD

A dubstep, drum, bass and sound fx sequencer. Program dubstep arrangements on up to ten different channels, by highlighting the coloured sound pads for their desired arrangement. Select from a range of percussion, sound fx, wobble bass and other Dubstep sounds and customize each sound pad's volume, type, duration and pitch.

Download Dubstep Jam HD

Watch the video

August 2012 - The Zombie Games

We're so happy to announce the release of our first ever computer game, The Zombie Games. A fast paced top down shooter set in a fierce, zombie infested, games stadium. In this new arcade style survival game, you take the role of Norris Ronson and must fight for survival as you collect various guns and explosives to reduce the hoard of killer zombies. Beware nightfall, as you’ll need your torch handy to spot the infected as they try to hunt you down! How long can you survive the onslaught?

The Zombie Games is more than just a shooter, as you will need to keep your wits about you as you stockade weapons, ammo and health packs in your inventory. Do this well, as it will help keep you alive as you battle through waves of increasingly powerful zombies.

Download The Zombie Games

Watch the trailer

June 2012 - Bass Drop

June was a landmark month for the company who reached the top of the apple app store in Australia with their release of Bass Drop, a revolutionary ultra compact dubstep studio with keyboard, sampler, pitch bending and loop system.

Bass Drop Reaches No1 in AustraliaOur latest apps feature a mix of Dubstep wobbles, filthy synths and sound loop. Our aim is simple, to make music creation a straight forward and fun as it really should be!

We're pleased to let you know that there will be a new update for ‘Bass Drop’ in July.

Creating your own song or making a dubstep remix has never been so easy! The greatest app for dubstep producers and artists as well as anyone wanting to start making their own music.

Download Bass Drop here

Watch the teaser video online here

Stay tuned, for more apps and some computer games in the not so distant future.