Bass Drop Deep House

Bass Drop Deep House

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The brand new Deep House Sampler, loop station and synthesizer for iOS , Android and Windows devices

Make deep house beats, bass lines, grooves and melodies in an instant

The deep house mpc style sampler and synth with over 200 loops, synths, basslines, grooves and sonic elements

Perform dj chops with 24 sound pads and create limitless sonic combinations

Quickly create deep house song ideas and save your sound banks

Get creative on the move or just have some fun jamming with friends



  • 24 fully editable sample pads
  • Hundreds of professionally produced samples
  • Pitch resample all of the built in samples
  • Load and save up to 3 different sound bank layouts
  • Shape assigned buttons, for clear and straightforward use


  • 13 key synth, sampled over 3 octaves
  • +/-12 semitone pitch bend wheel
  • ADSR volume adjustment

Sound Library

  • 78 drum loops, grooves, bass lines and risers
  • 31 sound fx
  • 67 percussion sounds


Instantly make deep house music with hundres of professionally produced deep house sounds including, loops, percussion, synths, ambiences and sonic elements. Perform DJ chops using the 24 sound pads and create limitless combinations of drum loops, fx layers, deep bass lines and rhythmic grooves. Get creative on the move or simply jam with friends.

Featuring an mpc style, sound sampler, bass drop is the ultimate app for quickly building and creating deep house sounds and songs. Edit the volume, pitch and sample sound for each sound pad and save song ideas and with up to 3 customizable sound bank layouts.


Perform synth bass lines with 7 retro and modern keyboard bass sounds over a massive 5 octaves. Warp and edit sounds using the volume envelope and slide the pitch bending wheel to create c bass melodies.