Bass Drop Trap

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Damn Son! Where'd you find this!? Bass Drop Trap is the easiest way to make Trap Music on your smartphone or tablet!

Make synth sounds, trap beats and throw in some snare rolls and fx at the touch of a finger; no musical knowledge is required. It's perfect for Trap fans, producers, musicians and non-musicians alike.

It's extremely fun to play with and lets you create your own patterns from a vast array of sounds.


  • Studio quality samples, created by professional musicians and producers
  • Load and save up to 3 different sound bank layouts
  • Shape assigned pads, for straightforward use
  • Pitch resample all samples
  • 24 fully editable sample pads
  • 1 octave keyboard (13 keys) with pitch shifting spanning 5 octaves
  • 3 different synthesizers
  • ADSR and synthesizer volume adjustment

Sounds included

  • 61 drum loops, build ups, grooves, snare rolls and risers
  • 28 drum kit sounds and percussive fx
  • 12 gunshots, lazers and siren fx

Sample Pads

Select a sample for each pad and customise its volume, pitch, and loop duration. Layer up to 24 looping or touch triggered pads at once.


Choose from 5 different synthesizer types to create your riffs and bass lines. Select the central octave with the octave + or – buttons, and pitch shift up to three notes at once in real time with the pitch shift wheel.


Use the rotating potometers to alter the attack, decay, release and sustain of your synth to get the perfect sound to fit your creation.