Classical Piano and Metronome

Android Download

Tickle the virtual ivory keys and play along with the built in metronome that features an adjustable tempo and three different types of metronome sound.

Classical piano keys and metronome is a portable classical piano app. It has a total of 39 ivory keys, set over 3 rows, allowing you to create lush grand piano keyboard melodies. The sound bank included uses sounds sampled from a real classical piano. The interface is slightly different to a normal piano, stacking the rows of keys above one another, so that you can play a larger range of notes and octaves than with a normal smart device keyboard.


  • Multitouch
  • Classical piano sound
  • 39 piano keys on one screen
  • Piano volume adjustment
  • Metronome volume adjustment
  • Metronome tempo adjustment
  • 3 types of metronome sounds