Real and Electronic Drum Kits

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Real and Electronic Drum kits has all you need to start playing your own awesome drum beats.

Whether you want to rock out like Jon Bonham , make heavier electronic dubstep beats or get funky on the house kits, this app has all the sounds you will ever need!


  • 5 different drum kits including real and electronic sounds
  • Studio quality sounds including: Kick drums, snares, toms, hats, cymbals and fx
  • 10 different drums sounds included in each set
  • Move each drums position on the screen
  • Multitouch lets you play all drums at once
  • Electronic kits include: Dubstep, Trance, Trap and House

The app includes a continually expanding bank of acoustic and electronic drum kits, including: Rock, dubstep, trance, house and trap.The multitouch compatibility allowing you to play up to 10 different percussion sounds at any time as you tap your fingers on the screen. Hit the edit button to customise the position of each drum on the screen, allowing you to customise the arrangement of the drums for your own ease.Dub-steppers have a great time with the filthy sounds and keep it real as this app won't make you into an overnight dubstep phenomenon.