4/5/14 - Real & Electronic Drum Kits Released

Real and Electronic Drum Kits Drumming App

We've been mastering iPad drums this week, playing around on our latest drum kit app. Just tap the screen to play drums! It's so straightforward. You can also edit the position of the drums on the screen, to customise the app for your tap-diction.

Stylistically it looks like a retro acoustic rock drum set and contaims some sounds like one too, including hi-hats, crash cymbals, a ride, toms, snares and a kick drum. As well as a classic acoustic drum kit, we've included some electronic drum kit sounds as a bonus. The sounds are from a range of kits letting you expand your arsenal of drum kits with a range of Dubstep, Trance, House and Trap music sounds. Included in each pack contains floor thumping kicks, hard hitting snares and some groovy hats. There are also more genre specific sounds.

Real and Electronic Drum Kits is free to download, and will be updated with more drum banks and additional application features in the future, so what are you waiting for! Go and get it so you can take your pocket drum set anywhere you go and become the ultimate drummer god!

Available on Google play, the app is set to reach the app store and Amazon shortly.

Real and Electronic Drum kit app google play download link

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