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Beat Boss EX - Electronic Dance Music Sampler


Bursting with 3 incredible sound banks, with over 150 electronic music samples. Beat Boss EX Lite lets you quickly create amazing electronic music. It's fun to use, just tap the sound pads to create your own drum loops, bass lines, percussion, sound fx and a huge range of electronic music sounds.

The sampler gives you the power to loop and perform on 54 sounds pads. It's the perfect app for electronic music dj’s and producers looking to jam out ideas and layer or blend sounds into a mix.

Select from a continually evolving bank of professional EDM samples, including:
*Euphoric Trance
*Commercial Dubstep
*Big Room House

Beat Boss EX LITE android download link

Real and Electronic Drum Kit App

Real and Electronic Drum Kits App

Rock, dubstep, trance, house and trap drum kits. Multitouch compatibility lets you play up to 10 percussion sounds at any time. Hit the edit button to customise the position of each drum on the screen, allowing you to customise the arrangement of the drums.

Studio quality sounds including: Kick drums, snares, toms, hats, cymbals and fx
10 different drums sounds included in each set
Play and move 10

Real and Electronic Drum kit app google play download link

EDKEYZ Synthesizer App

AndroidDisplay.pngIt's the perfect electronic dance music keyboard for fans and producers wanting to quickly play modern electronic sounds.

The keyboard provides rapid octave shifting and a pitch bending wheel. It also features adsr volume envelope adjusters, to alter the attack, decay, sustain and release of the synth. 

* Studio quality samples, created by professional producers
* 1 octave keyboard with pitch bending spanning 5 octaves
* 16 different synthesizer sounds
* Volume envelope adjustment

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