Nov 2012 - Backcatalogue Launched

In Nov 2012 - We Launched 3 electronic music apps for iPad

Wobble Bass Station HD

Play wobble bass sounds with varying pitch and distortion. and watch the sinusoidal waveform display as the wobble sound changes pitch and frequency. Bass sounds from the synthesizer can be saved and replayed in the jam screen, allowing the user to create dubstep arrangements using the drum loops, sound fx and wobble bass sounds simultaneously.

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Drum and Bass Machine HD

The all inclusive app for creating Drum and Bass. Generate an array of bass sounds, drum loops and effects, suited to various styles of Drum and Bass. Operate three touch slide synthesizers simultaneously Selecet from a range of different drum loops and play bass lines and samples over the top to create unique Drum and Bass arrangements within seconds.

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Dubstep Jam HD

A dubstep, drum, bass and sound fx sequencer. Program dubstep arrangements on up to ten different channels, by highlighting the coloured sound pads for their desired arrangement. Select from a range of percussion, sound fx, wobble bass and other Dubstep sounds and customize each sound pad's volume, type, duration and pitch.

Download Dubstep Jam HD

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