The Zombie Games Flopped - Aug 2012

 The Zombie Games

We spent three months making our first ever computer game. Fortunately one of our indie locations had a swimming pool so it wasn't all bad. The game is a top down shooter set in a fierce, zombie infested, games stadium. In this new arcade style survival game, you take the role of Norris Ronson and must fight for survival as you collect various guns and explosives to reduce the hoard of killer zombies. Beware nightfall, as you’ll need your torch handy to spot the infected as they try to hunt you down! How long can you survive the onslaught?

The Zombie Games is more than just a shooter, as you will need to keep your wits about you as you stockade weapons, ammo and health packs in your inventory. Do this well, as it will help keep you alive as you battle through waves of increasingly powerful zombies.

Sadly the game flopped, we had many build problems due to our software causing unexpected and impossible bugs, forcing us to curb some of the developments but sadly it never became effective. Try it out if you want to hunt some old school looking zombies, whilst running low on ammo!

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