Music production, mixing, song writing and mastering audio services are now available from Fresh Touch Media

Iomac music production, mixing, audio editing and mastering on fiverrWe are now offering audio mix services, song writing, music production and mastering services. Our top quality professional producers with over 10 years of experience are here to create music for all your needs. Whether you require music for a film, tv show, or if you are a record label looking for electronic music to release online, we can provide all the services you require.

Our producers have had releases in the top 50 on beatport and seen hundreds of thousands of streaming plays online via beatport, deezer and other music streaming services. We've also created sample libraries, hit music apps and generally been involved in all areas of music, including DJing and live mix engineering. Whatever your needs just send an email using our contract form or check out our various music production, mixing, song writing and mastering gigs on fiverr.

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