Iomac's debut LP has been released on Ameritz for exclusive streaming play on Spotify, Deezer and other streaming sites

Our in house producer Iomac released his debut LP back in July 2015. Since then it has gone on to receive millions of streams and has been well received by underground techno and minimal dj's and fans across the globe.

Techno Collection Vol. 1 was comissioned by Ameritz in May 2015 and summarises Iomac's transition from a dark, heavy, electric, techno sound into something far deeper. It hints at minimal techno artists such as Oliver Lieb and Paul Oakenfold and has been described as 'sonically fierce'.

The collection of 10 tracks can be streamed for free here on Iomac's soundcloud as well as online streaming sites such as Spotify and Deezer

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