Hootsuite Bulk Upload Spreadsheet Templates

Hootsuite Bulk Upload Schedule TemplatesHappy 2016 to all of you we're pleased to announce that we have a great set of gifts for you! The Fresh Touch Media teams has been working on a new website and a few new apps and created a set of hootsuite spreadhseet templates. These social media templates will help save twitter and hootsuite users hours of time when uploading bulk posts to their social media accounts.

The templates below allow you to input your various messages and links and input just one date. The sheet will then auto fill and you can simply export the data and bulk upload this to https://hootsuite.com/dashboard#/publisher

Each week or month you can simply add in a new date and export the template again, so if you want to repeat a set of marketing messages on a regularly basis, these templates will be extremely handy. This save you having manually input the dates and times for tens or hundreds of cells and there is an easy to follow tutorial in the excel file to show you exactly what to do.

Download our automated post schedule spreedsheet for all your hootsuite posts for the week:

http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/assets/files/weekly/Hootsuite-Weekly_Schedule_1_posts_daily.xlsx - post once per day
http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/assets/files/weekly/Hootsuite-Weekly_Schedule_3_posts_daily.xlsx - post 3 time daily
http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/assets/files/weekly/Hootsuite-Weekly_Schedule_5_posts_daily.xlsx - post 5 times daily

Download our automated post schedule spreedsheet for all your hootsuite posts for the month:

http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/assets/files/monthly/Hootsuite_Monthly_1_time_daily.xlsx - post once per day
http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/assets/files/monthly/Hootsuite_Monthly_3_time_daily.xlsx - post 3 times daily
http://www.freshtouchmedia.com/assets/files/monthly/Hootsuite_Monthly_5_time_daily.xlsx - post 5 times daily

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