Iomac Reaches 500 Followers On Soundcloud, Releases Brand New Free Electronic Music

So two days ago our lead music producer 'Iomac' reached a milestone total of 500 followers on his electronic music soundcloud. He has now been producing music using a mac for 11 years! He first started with the first native macbook pro back in 2005, migrated to an iMac and recently upgraded to a more powerful macbook. To give you and idea of how good technology is, this underground electronic track track was made using just a laptop and a midi keyboard. Apple machines are now so powerful and stable that he can run hundreds of CPU intensive tracks without needing to constantly commit to set sounds. This gives ultimate flexibilty and means he can flesh out gorgeous layered soundscapes and samples. The extra freedom has streamlined his productivity and allowed him to create any sounds he feels like. It's really amazing what you can do with the technology nowadays!

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