New Catalogue Releases

We've been hunting, mixing, searching, creating, composing and listening. We've delved through unreleased material and found some whoppers and masterpieces. Check out the various new playlists featuring all our quality new releases below.

Epic Future Film Soundtrack - Compiling 5 of our finest epic future soundtracks, here you'll find robotic, sci-fi and electronic fantasia thrown into one album

Hot Flux EP - We've mastered the old mixes from 2013, polished them and released this unheard beauty of a pop rock EP. Guitars and easy, lighthearted listening.

Releases from 2015:

Iomac's - Techno Underground EP features two authentic takes on underground techno music. One heavy and one deep tune.

Dream Fiction is the first EP from electronic experimentalist Re-Mode. It sounds a bit like kaytranada mixed with flying lotus. Weird, wonderful and a tad underground.

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