Home of the multi-genre producer Ben Frost, aka Iomac. This label was established to release the various compositions that the established music producer created over the last 10 years. With releases on Ameritz, Filthy Records and various sound libraries he has already made a fair dent on the electronic music scene. Sluggish label delays, red tape and communication issues forced him to set up his own outlet. This is now the home to his various pseudonyms where he can vent his collections of genre warping tracks


Iomac began his deeper journey into the world of electronic music after being deeply seduced by the underground techno and house scene in Northern England. He spent years tweaking his soft-synths and worked on countless remix projects and film scores to gain more insight into the world of electronic music production. Iomac has one Techno LP and a number of other dance music EP's already to his name. His current sound is a blend of underground house and techno as well as some more 'electronic' sounding pieces that have been featured on sound libraries.

Labels - Fresh Touch Records, Ameritz, Filthy Sounds

Lose it EP - tinyurl.com/ne2ud8s
Mixes - www.mixcloud.com/Iomac/
Bookings - bookings@freshtouchmedia.com


The more experimental new wave electronic outfit draws a huge amount of influence from Kaytranada, Flying Lotus and was a project that gave the opportunity to carve out some new sounds and ambiences using more wacky styles of production and a more sporadic range of sounds.

Crazy sounds, random arrangements and lots of side chaining create the magic that is Remode.


Overlope is Fresh Touch Records label owner Ben Frost's first solo outfit. After his split from Belladonna, the angsty UK alternative rock act in 2007, he began to construe his electro-pop, industrial sound. Over two years he wrote, produced and performed a dozen tracks that included several reworks of Belladonna tracks. A small collection of acoustic guitar and piano pieces were also written and recorded. His moody, dark, angst ridden, synth pop features live guitars, synths and programmed electronic drums. The original mixes were created in logic in 2008 and later re-mastered in 2016.

His EP 'Reflections' is a collection of the best of Overlope's electronic pop fusion and is also available for streaming here:

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