When you install or run an App we've made, some or all of the following information may be collected about the App and your device hardware and software:

- GameSalad App ID
– Platform App ID
– GameSalad User ID of the user that created the Application
– Version of GameSalad Creator used to create the Application
– Device Model and Manufacturer
– Device OS version
– Network and Carrier
– IP Address
– Device Locale Country and Language
– Device Memory
– Unique Device Identifier
– Application Events

  • When an in-app purchase is made.
  • When an in-app purchase is restored.
  • When an advertisement is displayed.
  • When an advertisement is clicked.
  • When an advertisement failed to load.
  • When an advertisement was canceled.
  • When an advertisement was closed after timeout.
  • When an app icon is shown to the user in the cross promotion bar.
  • When an app icon is clicked in the cross promotion bar.
  • When the app changes scenes.
  • When the tweet sheet is displayed.
  • When achievements are shown.
  • When leaderboards are shown.
  • When a leaderboard is updated.
  • When the app is started / resumed.

This data is collected for quality assurance purposes.