Song Writing, Music Production And Mixing

Our team of experienced song writers and record producers have written, arranged and produced music for various UK top 40 producers, independent clients and a number of major record labels. We can offer you a variety of bespoke services including: Beat making, song arranging, music production and mixing. Whether you need music for streaming services, commercial release, film, television shows, adverts, marketing videos we can create it for you.

Perhaps you or one of your artists require ghost writing services or you are a distribution label looking for a specific style of music for a particular release or compilation. Whether its on vinyl, streaming services or for use with online distribution services then you are in the right hands!

Our team consists of a number of up and coming and well-known music producers who have worked together for years on various professional projects. We have combined our talents and pooled our knowledge to build an unbeatable team of music producers who work effectively be it individually or producing as part of a collective. The group is headed by one of our in house artists 'Iomac', who in 2015 bagged a beatport top 50 release, put out two EP's, produced a full length techno album and created a sample pack for a top 100 music app

We are capable of producing so many style of music including a huge range of electronic music from chillout to EDM, Electronica, Techno, House, Dubstep and Drum and Bass. If you need unfinished track to be mixed or fx to be added and you can provide the various tracks or stems then we can also help give your track that final polish it needs. You may be a vocalist or rapper needing some bespoke beats to be made for your next big hit. Or you might require a backing track to be produced so that you can send your demo to record labels. Whatever your need, please get in touch using the contact form below and we can talk about the best possible way that we can help!

Professional Audio Mastering Service

Our team of professional mastering engineers and music producers have decades of combined experience working for major labels and independent artists. Our top end mixing and mastering services ensure that your music will sound the best it possibly can. If you are an artist or producer intent on having your music sound like the professionals then you've come to the right place.

We offer high quality audio mastering at unbeatable prices. Whether you need more clarity, vibrance, punch or competitive volume maximization. Simply get in touch and let us know what you need from your master track. We can process each song to your individual requirements or simply take care and make those decisions for you.

We have worked for clients with releases in the Top 40 UK charts and in the top 50 of beatport. To give your track its best possible sound, we will use a collection of top quality audio devices including: Equalizers, compressors, harmonic exciters, limiters, stereo enhancers, multiband compressors and many other expensive sounding tools.

Professional mastering can make the difference between a good song and a hit record. Using our service will give you the benefit of a collection of trained ears that have spent years in roles as musicians, producers and mastering engineers. Audio mastering is the final step in the line of quality control and will give you improved feedback from labels, radio stations and general listeners. Get in touch with us now to give your tracks a professional sheen and stand out above all others. Please use the contact form below to let us know your request or to ask us any questions.

For all our services please get in touch via this contact form