Our extensive sound library features logos, idents, sound fx, electronic dance music, rock music, soundscapes and more. The tracks can now be licensed for use in commercial projects, games, websites and films.

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Sound Library

Electrogate - Electronic cinematic dubstep. Intense, dramatic, futuristic. Great for an alien invasion, futuristic fight scene, epic battle or a modern chase.

The Moment - Futuristic epic space fantasy with dubstep style drums. Perfect for a cinematic scene, set in a futuristic world or space rpg computer game.

Lounge Shimmers - Mellow ambient electronic music. Slightly tribal congas and shakers with a funky, groovy bassline.

Walking On The Moon - Calming ambient electronica with a driving guitar riff and hypnotic synth melody.

Shoe Factory - Percussive industrial factory process. Perfect for manufacturing companies or product creation videos. A rhythmic, tribal and industrial feeling.

Star Destroyer - Industrial futuristic, electronic techno. Featuring a heavy growling kick drum and off beat hi hats. Arpeggiated synths give it a robotic feel.

The House of Electro - Electro House track. Modern EDM with a hard hitting heavy kick drum, alternating lead bass synths and numerous breakdowns that you can easily chop in and out. Intense and somewhat reminiscent of DeadMau5.

No More Hesitation - Poppy melodic rock with an uplifting optimistic, driven feel. It features drums, bass rhythmic acoustic guitar and bright lead guitar.

Clouduino - Mellow, ambient electronic music with a warm feel. Floaty jupiter pads, rhodes pianos and a deep lush bass.

Future Disco - Daft Punk style, arpeggiators and disco drum arrangements make for an intense uplifting atmospheric electronic track.